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About web proxies and anonymous web surfing

The popularity of proxies is increasing year after year. Why? Let us consider come important factors about proxies. A proxy is a program or device that provides Internet access. But the proxy plays the role of mediator between computers connected to the Internet and a server or website. When you surf the Internet through a proxy, you actually are not entering the server or website you want directly, but you make a request to the proxy and it connects to the server or website instead of you, allowing you to surf the website or access the server.

When you connect to a proxy, the website you want to see receives the proxy request, instead of receiving it directly from your computer. A web proxy serves as a measure to increase the security of your network, increase your internet speed or to keep your identity anonymous. In these days when privacy is at risk, using a proxy to safeguard personal data or remain anonymous is one of the simplest and safest options you can have.

Besides that, speed tests tend to be remarkable better when you are under a proxy and your local Ethernet connection is slow or is limited by a network administrator. Website filters can also be bypassed. Now let us talk a little bit more about how a proxy works.

How Does a Proxy Work?

Some web proxies are closer to our computer that the server or website we want to access. And it keeps a cache or a copy of the web pages that you are visiting. So, if several people who access the Internet through the same proxy go to the same web site, the proxy first access the target server, then requests the page and saves it in the cache. And it also sends it to the user who made the request. In case there are subsequent access to the same information for different users, the proxy only checks if the requested page was cached before and whether or not it has not been modified since the last request. In case everything remains the same, rather than requesting the page again from the server, it sends to the user the copy that is in the cache. This simple process improves the speed of the Internet connection in the computers behind the proxy.

Another typical case of use of a proxy is to surf anonymously. Since the proxy gets access to any web server, they do not get to know who the actual user is. The web server can be aware that you are accessing it, but it cannot recognize the user who accessed it! There are anonymous proxies and there are those that report the actual user that is connected through it.

Using a proxy also has some disadvantages, for instance you might see outdated content, receive slow connection speeds due to a bottleneck in the network, or suffer abuse in your website by people who want to surf anonymously. The proxy may also be a limiter, by not letting access through certain protocols or ports.

Make sure to be well-informed before using a proxy, in this way you can choose the one that best suits your internet needs.


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